Priorities of the EU cooperation with Uzbekistan

In 1991 – 2006, Uzbekistan has benefited primarily from support under the European Union TACIS program, designed to support the process of transition in the CIS countries.

For the period 2014-2020, the EU has allocated €168 million to support sustainable development in Uzbekistan

EU cooperation with Uzbekistan focuses mainly on rural development and the agriculture sector, including horticulture, irrigation, water management, livestock and professional education. We also work closely with the Uzbek government to improve sector governance and public administration reform. The EU invests in sectors such as municipal infrastructure, hydropower, drinking and wastewater, as well as private sector development.

The EU promotes the exchange of best practices in horticulture and livestock that stimulate innovation and local development. To mitigate the effects of climate change in the Fergana Valley, we encourage better and more efficient use of scarce water resources through improved irrigation methods. We help improve public services to citizens in rural areas.

The EU also supports the accession of Uzbekistan to the WTO, and has opened negotiations for privileged trade relations (GSP+).

Support to higher Education through the new programme ERASMUS+ will also be financed from regional funds with an allocated amount of EUR 115 million.

Regional programmes:

Uzbekistan benefits from several regional programmes, such as higher education and TVET, regional water and energy dialogue, cooperation on climate change and disaster risk reduction, rule of law, and regional trade within Central Asia and with Afghanistan. Thematic programmes support, inter alia, stability and remediation of uranium legacy sites.

Uzbekistan benefits from the Investment Facility for Central Asia. The Investment Facility for Central Asia provides grants to attract financial resources from financial institutions and other public and private partners for investments, technical assistance, or risk capital operations. This encourages beneficiaries to make investments, which are relevant for sustainable development and would otherwise be financially or technically difficult to realise.

Advancing Civil Society in Promoting ESC Rights in Uzbekistan (ACCESS)
Empowering Independent Teachers Associations in Uzbekistan
Innovative Uzbekistan
EU Contribution to the Multi-Partner Human Security Trust Fund for the Aral Sea region in Uzbekistan
Transparent and Inclusive Governance through Innovation and Collaboration between Civil Society and Local Authorities
Strengthening Civil Society to Advance Women’s Rights through Advocacy, Protection and Empowerment in Uzbekistan
Resource Efficiency in Agri-food Production and Processing (REAP)
A model for Sustainable Tourism in Central Asia: Building Capacities, Creating Awareness, Introducing Technology
Improvement of the Solid Waste Management System in the City of Samarkand
Raising Awareness and Partnership for Sustainable Water and Environment Development in Uzbekistan
#YoshStan: Raising Youth Voices in Local Decision-Making
Sustainable Development in Rural areas of Uzbekistan
Horticulture Development Project
Livestock Sector Development Project
Agriculture Budget Support & Complementary Capacity Building Assistance
Agriculture Budget Support and Complementary Capacity Building Assistance
Hydroelectricity Sector Development in the Republic of Uzbekistan– Phase 1
Facilitating the Process of Uzbekistan’s Accession to the World Trade Organization
Strengthening Rural and Community Tourism Business Intermediary Organisations for Inclusive Economic Development in Central Asia
Strengthening Transport and Logistics BIOs in Central Asia
Capacity Building of Industry Associations Serving Engineering Companies in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Support to Third-party Monitoring of the Cotton Harvest Regarding Child and Forced Labour in Uzbekistan
National Policy Framework for Water Governance and Integrated Water Resources Management and Supply
Technical Capacity Building for Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Rural Areas in Uzbekistan
Fergana Valley Water Resources Management Project
Improved Public Service Delivery and Enhanced Governance in Rural Uzbekistan
Water Services and Institutional Support Programme in Uzbekistan (Phase 1)
Sanitation Development Project in Uzbekistan