Meaning of the Cycle of Life and the World
The circle represents heaven, eternity, and the universe. It symbolizes the idea of unity, infinity, perfection, and utmost perfection. A circle limits an infinite space within, but the circular motion that makes up this space is infinite. In many traditions, a circular space or its (more or less) objective variations – an egg, a turtle, a disk, etc. – is meant as a graphic representation of a circle, surrounded by disorder.
“Have you heard about the Tibetan wheel of Sansara? It constantly rotates, and all our feelings and values are either below or above. They sparkle in the sun, then drown in darkness.”
Kharuki Murakami
The Persistence of Memory
Salvador Dali. Spain
Oil on canvas, 24.1x33 cm
© New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), USA
“Melting Clocks” by Salvador Dali is a symbol of nonlinear, subjective time, arbitrarily flowing and unevenly filling the space. Everything flows, everything changes.
Ivan Klyun
Oil on cardboard, 38.5х48.5
© The State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan
Irregular geometric shapes are an inside look. The colour and geometric structures suggest a model of the universe. An imaginary circle denotes heaven, eternity, the universe. Other simple shapes are inscribed on the surface of the circle: a triangle, a rectangle, a square.
Colour Design
Georgii Stenberg
Oil on wood, 29х69 cm
© The State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan
From zero to completeness. The painting depicts a sewing machine. It starts working with the first turn of the wheel and the needle begins moving up and down while dissecting the colour and geometric spheres. The wheel rotates constantly, and all our feelings and values are up and down. That is how the fabric of existence is weaved.
White and black on red
Mashud Tokhtaev
(b. 1946-2004)
Oil on canvas, 100x80 cm
© Collection of the National Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan (NBU)
White and black on red “Belief in immortality was born out of the thirst of greedy people recklessly taking advantage of the time that nature had given them. The wise will find this time sufficient to go around the whole range of attainable pleasures, and when the time comes for death – the satisfied move away from the table to make room for other guests. For the wise, one human life is enough, and a fool will not know what to do with eternity.”
Epicurus Samos

White and black. Two poles – two beginnings – the light and the darkness. The white is perfect and the black is perfect, and both have the same colour of blood. A skullcap is the highest point of a man, a symbol of reason, concentration of a certain idea.
Steeling of a Skullcap
Gairat Ibragimov
(b. 1980)
Oil on canvas, 141X100 cm
Collection of the author
“Let’s assume that Achilles runs ten times faster than a turtle, and is a thousand steps behind the turtle. While Achilles is running the distance between them, the turtle crawls a hundred steps in the same direction. When Achilles runs a hundred steps, the turtle crawls ten steps more, and so on. The process will continue forever and ever, Achilles will never reach the turtle.”
Aporia of Zeno, “Achilles and the Turtle”

“Steeling of a skullcap” by two girls on the turtle shell is the movement and gradual development of characteristics and features of traditions in the constancy of time.