Meaning of Stability and Fluctuation
“A cube is an ancient symbol often associated with, rational mind of a man. It is a symbol of completeness, solidity, and durability. However, the stability entails changes and fluctuations. Throughout human history we have witnessed major social, economic and political changes and transformations. In this context, I have selected five artworks to explore how different artists interpret the symbolism of the cube, attributing to it a meaning of stability and fluctuation,” explains Shakhnoza Karimbabaeva, Art Curator of the Exhibition.
“The elementary bricks of the universe are not hulked up randomly and in unconnected groups, but are built in accordance with a single plan.”
Max Planck
A morning on the lake
Gunars Binde
Latvia, (b. 1933)
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A photograph is able to fix a specific state and a moment.
Participants in a Rally of Women Dedicated to the Fight against Wearing a Burqa
Max Penson
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The “Khudjum” (Attack) campaign included rethinking of a woman’s role in a society not only as a mother, but also as a worker who is needed by the new industry and new society.
At a Festive Demonstration of Workers and Schoolchildren
Max Penson
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“The following principle functions in all sophisticated systems: “small reasons – huge implications”.
James Gleick

Uzbek women that have changed a burka into a gas mask. The humanity invented several ways of destroying their fellow human beings, as well as means of protection, including a gas mask, which became an indispensable attribute for militaries as well as for citizens after inventing gas attacks.
Uzbek film
Under the Sails (series)
Ildar Sadikov
(b. 1972)
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Human life is a diagram. Three-dimensional visualization of stability, rise and decline. Now a man stands steadily on his feet or remains “up in the air”, then he can “bottom out”.
Dzhanpik fortress (Jampyk) – kala
Ernest Kurtveliev
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Collection of the author “It seemed there were two objects in the world that constantly provoked human wonder and awe: the moral law within us and the starry sky above us. The universe “steadily develops itself in a quite harmonic mode”.
Dmitri Mendeleev

Before, there had been a famous city with developed trade routes from the Eastern and Western countries. People have left, but the walls of the city remind us that nature can allow itself a break from human activity.