Meaning of Love
“Since antiquity, the symbol of the heart has been viewed as the home of love. It is a symbolic source of emotional experiences – love, compassion, jealousy, longing, joy or grief – the core of one’s soul. In this context, I have selected five artworks to explore how different artists interpret the symbolism of the heart through the meaning of love,” explains Shakhnoza Karimbabaeva, Art Curator of the Exhibition.
Love remains the only serious or sublime finality, the only possible justification for the world which does not deserving justification.
Jean Baudrillard
The Kiss
Gustav Klimt
Austria, (1862 – 1918)
Oil on canvas, 180x180 cm
© Belvedere Gallery Vienna, Austria
“I have never written a self-portrait. I am less interested in myself as a subject for a painting than I am in other people, above all, women.”
Gustav Klimt

Wrapped up with one another, lovers are immersed in an eternal kiss.
On the Bench
Valentina Markova
Oil on cardboard, 48х34.5 cm
© The State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan
A human life is a series of expectations, events, searches and changes. From each test, a person comes out renewed, more aware and with a discovery of something new within himself. Waiting for a date that opens up new feelings.
To visit
Mikhail Kurzin
Paper duplicated on cardboard, gouache 49.8x71.1 cm
© The State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Karakalpakstan named after I.V. Savitsky
“Without an equality there is no marriage. A wife, who is excluded from and does not share all interests that occupy her husband, is alien to him, is a concubine, a housekeeper, a nanny, but never the wife in the full and noble meaning of the word”.
Alexander Herzen

When you look at these women appealing to viewers, you begin wondering what feelings the harem women experience, living under one roof: competition, jealousy, humiliation, after all each woman wants to be the only one for her husband.
Timur Ernst Akhmedov
(b. 1968)
Oil on canvas, 130x130 cm
Collection of the author
“Coquetry touches everyone; false tricks have become the main remedy and at the same time an aim: after all it is typically used not just to subdue a man, though to tease the competitors and incite their jealousy.”
Guy de Maupassant

The construction of sensual relationships and position in society.
Forgiveness. Two angels
Gafur Kadirov
(b. 1958)
Oil on canvas, 100х120 cm
Collection of the author
“If you are not able to forgive people, you cannot accept your wealth. If your soul is full of hatred, love cannot find there a place for itself. You should get rid of negative feelings that consume you and challenges your consciousness.”
Randy Paul Gage

Forgiveness is a great opportunity to love.