Meaning of Creation and Destruction
“Hexagram, a six-pointed star figure, is a symbol of the harmonious fusion of dualistic opposites – positive and negative, heavenly and earthly. The end of one thing always heralds the beginning of a new one – it affects our culture, economy, and climate change. “The nature of our existence as human beings demands that we accept and meaningfully integrate a dual, dynamic identity that is constituted by images of both the creator and the destroyer”, said Friedrich Nietzsche,” explains Shakhnoza Karimbabaeva, Art Curator of the Exhibition.
“If a person has closed the chain of earthy creatures, being its highest and the last link, that is precisely why he gives rise to a chain of the higher kind of beings, being the lowest link in this chain; therefore, man, in all likelihood, is a link connecting two linked systems of creation”.
Johann Gottfried Herder
Man Ray
France, (1890 –1976)
Video, 19 minutes
Directed by Man Ray
Produced by Man Ray
Written by Man Ray
Starring Man Ray
Kiki of Montparnasse (Alice Prin) Jacques Rigaut

“Creates divinity, reproduces humanity”.
Man Ray
Bobur Ismailov
(b. 1973)
Video art
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“Everything, what we observe, everything, where we take part today, is just fragments of the united world synergetic process… The whole development of our world looks like a hard struggle of various opposite beginnings and controversial tendencies against the background of the continuous action of random reasons, which destroy only sustainable (precisely – stable) structures and create premises for the appearance of new ones”.
Nikita Moiseev
The Construction of the Great Ferghana Canal
Max Penson
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August 1, 1939, 160 thousand peasants came out on the highway of the Great Ferghana Canal for Khashar (a nationwide volunteer work). The Canal was dug in 45 days. 18 million cubic meters of earth, stones, sand and clay were manually removed with pickaxes and shovels.
“Muynak. Aral Sea” Series.
Viktor An
(b. 1947)
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“The global environmental crisis is the price that humanity pays for the oblivion of Existence. The Whole is not arranged like objects: the latter are seen whereas the Whole cannot be comprehended regardless of our efforts.”
Martin Heidegger
The Aral Sea. The ecological catastrophe is connected with the name of this sea nowadays.
The Aral Sea
Hamdam Sharakhmedov
(b. 1974)
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The values of nature do not depend on humans, i.e. they are not aimed at satisfying certain human needs.