Meaning of Material and Spiritual
“Octagram, the eight-pointed star, has been interpreted by different cultures throughout the history of mankind as a spiritual and material world. The octagram symbolism invites us to open our eyes and see deeper, beyond the material world and explore the spiritual values. In this context, I have selected five artworks that I hope will explain how different artists interpret the symbolism of the octagram, attributing a material or spiritual meaning” explains Shakhnoza Karimbabaeva, Art Curator of the Exhibition.
“There is only one problem and only one in the world: – to revive in people some sense of spiritual meaning ...”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
The Escape Ladder
Joan Miro
Spain, (1893-1983)
Collotype, Arches vellum 0.357x0.433 cm
State Museum of Modern Art Paris (Centre Georges Pompidou), France
© Successio Miró / ADAGP, Centre Pompidou
“Works should be conceived with a fire in a soul, though performed with a clinical coolness”.
Joan Miro

“The Rescue Ladder” was created in the beginning of the World War II, and the ladder depicted in it, in the future, was aften used by the artist in a metaphoric sense and transfers the painting to another plane, far from secular realism. Perhaps, the rescue ladder is needed to provide to the artist and the viewer a way out of the war, the holocaust and the cruelty. This is the most famous work of the “Constellations” series.
Alexander Volkov
Oil on canvas, 66х98 cm
© The State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan
“Life changes, and we are quail, teahouse, caravan… We need to search for new shapes”.
Alexandr Volkov

A traditional teahouse is a life cult in Turkestan. In a place, hidden from the heat, where there were several couches, where people ate, just drank some tea, or gathered to communicate. One could hear the latest news over there and discuss it with friends. That led the teahouse to become a cultural public centre in the neighbourhoods (Mahallas).
In the barbershop
Natta Konysheva
(b. 1935)
Oil on canvas, 59.7x80 cm
© The State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Karakalpakstan named after I.V. Savitsky
“Almost always, living in a dream and wandering with closed eyes, we suspect that to keep fit is not enough for us, but we feel the need for a deeper beauty that imparts some charm to every gesture and action, every word, feeling, every thought”.
Delia Stainberg Gusman

A beauty parlor is a place, where material things exist in material realm. Adoration of consumerism and external elements of being.
Bobur Mukhamedov
(b. 1965)
Oil on canvas, 129x105 cm
Collection of the author
People fall into material needs and become monsters. Making a profit, maximizing income and utility are the goals of a modern human. Petroglyphs is an image of primitive society. Hunting is the way of life of primitive men.
The Dervish in Love
Jamol Usmanov
(b. 1961)
Oil on canvas, 70x70 cm
© Collection of the National Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan (NBU)
“Attachment to objects and comfort is the main obstacle for an interesting life. People are not usually aware of the fact that they can throw away anything at any moment. At any time. Immediately.”
Carlos Castaneda

Dervish’s journey requires comprehension, cognition of something new. Dervish is skinny, nevertheless, in good spirits and calm. Spiritual food and the grace of God fulfil him better than simple earthly delicacies. Dervish talks to the World. The World talks to him. A mosaic of the huge world is reflected in a small puddle.