Meaning of Male and Female
This symbol speaks of identity, gender equality and a fair balance between a man and a woman in every aspect of our life – social, cultural or personal. In this context, I invite you to explore how artists interpret the symbolism of the triangle through meaning of male and female,” explains Shakhnoza Karimbabaeva, Art Curator of the Exhibition.
“Entities originate in Heaven just as the Child’s Breathing Power begins with the father. All material components are born on Earth, just as the appearance of a child is born from the mother.”
Wu Cheng
Hector and Andromache
Giorgio de Chirico
Italy, (1888—1978)
Oil on canvas, 92.2x73.0 cm
© Pola Museum of Art SIAE, Roma & JASPAR, Tokyo
“What I hear does not matter; what I see matters to me, especially when I close my eyes.”
Giorgio de Chirico

Mannequins, replacing a human, with no hands, without faces, with orthopaedic prostheses instead of legs. His painting reflects the meaninglessness of life and the incomprehensible mystery of human existence.
Varvara Stepanova
Watercolour on paper, 39.30x54.60 cm
© The State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan
Relationships between a man and a woman. Sensual, wholesome world of a man, which consists of tenderness, softness and affability. In short, he lives in a woman’s world whereas a woman struggles in the severe and rough world of a man.
Landscape with Boats and Three Figures
Amshey Nurenberg
Watercolour on paper, 14x4x21.2 cm
© The State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan
“I strongly believe that there is the natural world, the cultural world, the human world with its social forms etc. It means that there are opportunities of the appropriate experience”.
Edmund Gustav Albrecht Husserl

Boats and people – is a metaphor of life: a man is surfing on the waves of the sea of life. The action takes place at the seashore, symbolizing the beginning and the end of every journey. Three men are on the shore in different states – readiness for new travels, expectation and indifference.
Happy Family
Gafur Kadirov
(b. 1958)
Oil on canvas, 110x110 cm
Collection of the author
Mother-Earth, consort of Heaven, the Mother of absolutely everything on the Earth, sees no difference between good and evil, begets and loves all her children.
The Sky is the Colour of Rain
Bobur Mukhamedov
(b. 1965)
Oil on canvas, 130x80 cm
Collection of the author
“The transition from Unlimited to Limited, or from Indefinite to Finite – this is the very change from Symmetrical to Centred, from Non-hierarchical to Hierarchical”.
Sergei Eisenstein

The rain of a talisman, a horseshoe and an eye. The word “talisman” originates from Arabic, meaning a “magic letter”, addressed to the highest power a symbolic request of participation and help. All three symbols are unified by one meaning – to protect a human from the evil eye and evil spirits.